Bekki  joined the California Cowgirls in 2009 and has the need for “the Thrill of Drill” ever since. She rides her Mustang/Quarter horse Chancy who is the bay with the big white face. You may even be able to pick her out because she is the “whistle-woman”. She also rides and duets the National Anthem with her mom; Kathy.
“I have a really strong bond with Chancy, not only because I was there when she was born, and her mom was my first horse I ever trained, but also because I thought she would never do drill and Chancy was really hard for me to get along with. But it turned out, once I fixed a medical issue; she became the best horse I’ve ever ridden and I can’t imagine my life without her. I pinch myself every performance that she and I get to be on the famous CALIFORNIA COWGIRLS!”
Bekki lives in Clements,CA and with her husband Will and two kids Cami and Liam. Cami hopes to one day join the team and be a third generation rider with her mom and grandma.