California Cowgirls Rodeo Drill Team


Melanie | Maizy | Diamond


Melanie (Mel) started doing drill in college in eastern Oregon and joined the Cowgirls in 2013. In 2016, Sara Curtis decided to retire from running the team and Melanie became the new captain in the fall of that year. Mel likes a challenge and is always looking for new ways to promote the sport of drill. Her main drill horse, Diamond aka ImADiamond, is a registered paint horse with APHA and was born in 2005. Her new partner in drill is Maizy aka MaizyDay, a registered Quarter horse born in 2011.

Alexis & Mac

Alexis first joined the Cowgirls when she was 13 years old with her first horse Dixie. After a few years off, she has rejoined the team. This time with Dixie's colt, Mac. He foaled in 2007 and is a Quarter Horse Arabian cross. He was born to do drill.

Debbie | Kizzie | Luke

Debbie has been with the Cowgirls since the beginning. She was one of the founding members when the team began back in 1994. Kizzie, born in 2001, has been Debbie's main drill horse for many years now and is heading towards retirement. She is now in the process of working in her new ride, Luke. He is a 2017 quarter horse gelding.

Jessica H & Puck

Jessica H has been around the Cowgirls most of her life. Her mother joined the team in 1995 and Jessica acted as ground crew for the team many times. She officially joined in 2009 and has been hooked on drill ever since. A highlight was going to the World Equestrian Games in 2010 and performing for the world for 16 days. Her current partner in drill is Zippos Special Hotrod aka Puck. Born on May 13, 2005 and registered with the APHA. This greyed out paint gelding is sweet and sassy with many opinions.

Jessica T | Horton | Kit

In June of 2008 the California Cowgirls were performing at the Western States Horse Expo. Jessica had competed in a few cutting horse shows at the time but was looking for something different to do with her horses. That night after watching their spectacular performance she applied to join the team via their website. In 2009, almost a full year later, she was invited to join the team and instantly became hooked on the thrill of drill. In 2010, Jessica traveled to Lexington, Kentucky with the team and performed for 16 days in the FEI World Equestrian Games, a true once in a lifetime experience with this team that she will cherish forever. Her partners in drill are Horton, a 2001 paint gelding, and Kit, a 2014 paint gelding.

Kathy & Smallz

Kathy has been riding with the Cowgirls since 2009. Drill is truly her passion. Her drill partner is Badtotheboonesmart, a chestnut gelding born March 3, 2011. He is lovingly called Smallz and at 14.1 hands (with new shoes) he is the smallest on the team. He may be small but he be mighty and quick. He is a blast to ride!

Lauri & Ella

Lauri has been riding drill since 2006. Her horse, Ella, is a 2008 quarter horse. Lauri first joined the Cowgirls in 2010 and was part of the team that went to the World Equestrian Games. She took a break from the team and has now returned with her daughter Alexis. She's looking forward to the thrill and excitement of the season ahead.

Liana & Wrangler

Liana first joined the Cowgirls in 2019 and after a brief hiatus came back in 2022. During the off season, you can find her snowboarding in Tahoe, at the shooting range, or in the gym lifting weights. Wrangler is a bay 14'3 quarter horse gelding, born in 2005. His registered name is Nic's Prize. He loves to work and is very focused when given a job. When he isn't doing drill, he loves exploring open country on trail rides and horse camping in the summer.